About us

Xi`an Taima Biological Engineering Co. Ltd. was founded in November 19th, 2008, We are a high-performance sales team of Nicotine / Flavors R & D centers, QC centers, management centers and a group of young adults with dreams. Since its inception, the company is aiming at providing every customer with top best quality products and superior service at a reasonable and competitive price, all the time. And In the past 10 years, we have made leaps and bounds in progress.

We specialize in the manufacture of USP grade 99.95% pure nicotine,99.95% Nicotine Salts,all kinds of concentrated Tobacco/ Mint/ Herb/ Fruit flavors,WS-23,WS-5,WS-3,Sucralose and Ethyl Maltol for E-liquid to Vape.

Our Company always persist in: Top Quality Products, Excellent Professional Knowledge, Superior Service.

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