We are a company in Xian China. We provide the tools necessary to create your own eJuice. We provide three ingredients: High Concentrate flavour, USP Grade Pure Nicotine and Additive(1000mg/ml Pure Nicotine, Concentrated Tobacco Flavors, Cooling Agent).

Our liquid nicotine solutions are naturally extracted from the just-ripened leaves of real tobacco plants.Our team of in-house technicians and third-party scientists undergo a meticulous, multi-step process to ensure the highest possible quality.  All products are tested and retested with precision to confirm and certify concentration levels and purity(99.99%).

TaiMa best vape flavour has been a household name in e-liquid products since 2011 and is now one of the most trusted and well established e-liquid flavour brands in the industry today.We manufacture over 500 kinds of flavour for your to choose.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT:(1000mg/ml Pure Nicotine, Concentrated Tobacco Flavors, Cooling Agent)

To always provide our customers with only the highest quality Pure Nicotine and Concentrate flavours products at the best price possible.

To not just hear, but listen to our customers, whether positive feedback or constructive criticism, we aim to respond to all enquiries and provide the best customer service in the business.

Not only is vaping our business, it’s become our way of life.


2018.4 Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Exhibition

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2018.9 Ankang Travel:


2019 Happy New Year:


2019.4.14-16 Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Exhibition



2019.8 Baoji Guanshan Grassland Tour



2020.8 Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Exhibition:

2020.8 Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Exhibition2020.8 Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Exhibition

2021 Xi’an Taima Company New Year’s Party


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