Nicotine E-Liquid VS Nicotine Salt E-Liquid Vape Juice

One, What Is Nicotine Salt?
Nicotine E-Liquid VS Nicotine Salt E-Liquid Vape Juice. Nicotine salt is extracted from tobacco leaves. It is a crystal formed by the reaction of free nicotine with organic acids. This crystal removes trace impurities in liquid nicotine, removes other impurities and makes the product more pure. When used, the nicotine salt is subjected to a solution prepared in proportion to propylene glycol or glycerin, and is usually 100 mg/ml.

Nicotine Salt

Two, What Are The Benefits Of Using Nicotine Salt?
One of the biggest benefits of nicotine salt is that higher nicotine levels can be more easily inhaled by human blood, unlike free nicotine smoke, which can be difficult to accept. Because the nicotine salt of nicotine salt is more smooth, most of the current E-Liquid(Vape Juice) is 50mg. This nicotine can give smokers a strong sense of nicotine experience without rubbing their throat.Nicotine E-Liquid VS Nicotine Salt E-Liquid Vape Juice.

This concentration of E-Liquid(Vape Juice) is generally a cartridge type atomizer. If it is made into 3mg, it will be very smooth. Adding E-Liquid(Vape Juice) or blending it into E-Liquid(Vape Juice) can bring about the same experience as traditional tobacco.

Benefits Of Using Nicotine Salt

Three, What Are The Hazards Of Nicotine Salt?
1, self-harm: Nicotine salt and nicotine are also converted in the same way, the harm of nicotine salt is also known, so in order to be healthy, properly away from the cigarette-related things.

2, product instructions with the harm of improper nicotine salt: how to use nicotine salt? Use nicotine salt E-Liquid(Vape Juice) is not as easy as ordinary electronic cigarette oil, if a bottle of high mg of nicotine salt E-Liquid(Vape Juice) from the pressure box and low resistance Evaporation in the nebulizer device yields a very strong nicotine impact.Nicotine E-Liquid VS Nicotine Salt E-Liquid Vape Juice.

3, nicotine salt will produce dependence: nicotine salt does have a situation that people rely on. The other components of cigarettes do enhance tobacco dependence, but nicotine itself remains a major reliant component of smoking.

Hazards Of Nicotine Salt

Four, How Much Power Atomizer Is Used For Nicotine Salt:
The appearance of nicotine salt is not used to play with big smoke. This thing is itself prepared for people who need high nicotine. This kind of people have high demand for nicotine, but the traditional nicotine content of 36mg will bring strong throat irritation. Nicotine salt E-Liquid(Vape Juice) does not. This type of E-Liquid(Vape Juice) needs to use a low-power electronic cigarette with a high resistance value, generally an atomizer of 1.0 ohm or more, and a power of about 7-12 watts.

If you use low-resistance and high-wafer electronic cigarettes, it is easy to cause excessive inhalation of nicotine, which may cause physical discomfort. Therefore, I hope that if you use this type of E-Liquid(Vape Juice) or use nicotine salt, use it in small amounts. See if there is any discomfort, remember not to use high watts.Nicotine E-Liquid VS Nicotine Salt E-Liquid Vape Juice.

Atomizer Nicotine Salt

Five, Who Is Suitable For Nicotine Salt E-Liquid(Vape Juice):
1. People who quit smoking transition period:
For those who have just transitioned from smoking and found that ordinary e-cigarettes do not meet nicotine intake, or who want to use e-cigarettes quickly and understated, nicotine salt E-Liquid (Vape Juice) will be their most powerful smoking cessation assistant.

2. Smokers who are just looking for smoking cessation products:
Smokers who want to find cigarettes or quit smoking products, using nicotine salt products, will get a very close experience with real smoke, and eventually hope to quit smoking.Nicotine E-Liquid VS Nicotine Salt E-Liquid Vape Juice.

Nicotine Salt E-Liquid(Vape Juice)

Six, The Difference Between Nicotine Salt E-Liquid And Nicotine E-Liquid(Vape Juice):
1. Get more nicotine more quickly. Generally speaking, it is more convenient for you to meet your own needs for nicotine than the general E-Liquid(Vape Juice), so as to achieve the purpose of quitting smoking. It can be understood that it is more convenient to use, because you don’t have to keep pumping to get the blood nicotine content you need.

2. More smoke-saving, if not a simple smoker, just to meet the e-cigarette to meet the cravings, nicotine salt E-Liquid(Vape Juice) will let you use less E-Liquid(Vape Juice) to meet your expected nicotine intake. It can be understood as more fuel-efficient because the concentration of nicotine in a single mouth is greater.Nicotine E-Liquid VS Nicotine Salt E-Liquid Vape Juice.

3. Nicotine salt E-Liquid(Vape Juice) has a longer shelf life, and the nicotine salt is more stable than the free base nicotine, which means that the nicotine salt stock solution lasts longer without storage and does not undergo nicotine degradation.

4. No need for a high-powered device, nicotine salt E-Liquid(Vape Juice) can get nicotine more efficiently, so you don’t need a high-powered box, even a simple small device can meet the demand for nicotine. Can be understood as more worry, because the nicotine salt is relatively stable, not so easy to degrade, can be put on hold for a few days and then no problem.

Nicotine Salt E-Liquid(Vape Juice)

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