Xi`an Taima Food Sweetener Additive Neotame CAS:165450-17-9

Name Products:  Coolada ws-200 Food Grade Cooling Agent WS-200

Odor: Slight cooling mint aroma
Appearance: White to off-white Crystalline solid
Application: Can be combined with other coolants to create a lasting sense of cooling in food and cosmetics.
CAS No.: 51115-70-9
Empirical Formular: C12H25NO
Boiling Point: 258ºC-259ºC 760mmHg
Melting Point: 36ºC-41ºC
Flash Point: 152.22ºC
Purity(GC): 99.0% Min
FEMA No.: 4557

Xi`an Taima Food Sweetener Additive Neotame CAS:165450-17-9

Introduction of Neotame:

Neotame is a no-calorie sweetener, which is a derivative of the dipeptide composed of the amino acids, aspartic acid and phenylalanine. The components of neotame are joined together to form a uniquely sweet ingredient.

Neotame is sweeter than other marketed no-calorie,sweeteners and is approximately 30-40 times sweeter than aspartame; 7,000-13,000 times sweeter than sugar. Neotame will deliver comparable sweetness to sucrose in various natural Sweeteners such as Aspartame, Acesulfame K, Sucralose.

It has pure sweetness, sweetness and harmony, very close to aspartame, without the bitterness and metallic taste often associated with other powerful sweeteners. It can remain stable under instantaneous high temperature conditions. In cake production, after baking at 450 ℃, 85% of neotame is still present.Xi`an Taima Food Sweetener Additive Neotame CAS:165450-17-9


                                                               Sweetener Additive Neotame




White powder



CNS number


INS number


Molecular formula


Molecular weight



Contains about 4.5% crystal water

Melting point


Shelf Life

Two years


Store in cool & dry place

Product Benifit:

1) High sweetness, 600-650 times sweetness than cane sugar.

2) No Calorie, without leading to put weight.

3) Pure tastes like sugar and without unpleasant aftertaste.

4) Absolutely safe to human body and suitable for all kinds of people.

5) Without leading to tooth decay or dental plaque.

6) Good solubility and excellent stability.

Xi`an Taima Food Sweetener Additive Neotame CAS:165450-17-9

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  8. Xi`an Taima Food Sweetener Additive Neotame CAS:165450-17-9

Xi`an Taima Food Sweetener Additive Neotame CAS 165450-17-9