E-Cigarette Oil : Nicotine, Flavor, PG/CG, Additives

With the development of e-cigarette oil, we understand that there are many brands and tastes. Domestically produced, imported, U.S., Malay… There are almost a thousand kinds of tastes. When you smoke your favorite oil of smoke every day and enjoy the satisfaction of taste buds, have you ever wondered what constitutes this wonderful liquid? How do you have different tastes and unique flavors? E-Cigarette Oil : Nicotine, Flavor, PG/CG, Additives

In general, the smoke oil is composed of five major types of raw materials. They are PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerol, also known as glycerol), flavors, nicotine, taste improvement additives. 1000mg/ml pure nicotine liquid and more than 500 kinds of concentrated falvors liquid Used For DIY E-Liquid. Contact Name: Amy, Skype: xiantaimatop6, Email: amy@taimacn.com, WhatsApp/WeChat/VK: +86 15091808067.

1. PG (Propylene Glycol), also known as propylene glycol, is a common drug and food additive. With hygroscopicity, slightly sweet, colorless, odorless, transparent liquid, with good fluidity. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines PG as “universally safe to humans.” It is also said that PG is slightly toxic. As one of the basic components of e-cigarette oil, PG is mainly used as a carrier of fragrant oil to enhance the taste of smoke oil. After heating, it will produce a small amount of fog, with a certain sense of hitting the throat. Dilution of VG is also available to reduce the viscosity of the oil and facilitate the oil guiding effect.

Although PG is generally safe for the human body, a small number of people may still have unpleasant throats, phlegm, allergies and other side effects. These side effects are transient and mild, as long as you stop smoking or change the low PG content of smoke oil or smoke oil without PG naturally disappears. Smoke oils with high PG content generally have thicker textures, slightly stronger throat sensation, and a smaller amount of smoke.

E-Cigarette Oil : Nicotine, Flavor, PG/CG, Additives E-Cigarette Oil : Nicotine, Flavor, PG/CG, Additives

2, VG ​​(Vegetable Glycerin), also known as vegetable glycerin or glycerol. It is also a very widely used raw material in daily life. We will find “propylene glycol, glycerin” in cosmetics, food, wine, and sugar. In particular, sweets consume more VG. Most of these desserts contain cakes, biscuits, and other ingredients that contain VG. The main role of VG in cigarette oil is to generate fog.

VG will produce a lot of fog after heating. Generally, friends who use excessive smoke or drip nebulizer should know that if you want to increase the amount of smoke, you need to use product oil to add a lot of VG in order to produce the ideal smoke. VG is highly hygroscopic and very viscous. If the liquidity of a cigarette oil is very poor, it is definitely a high VG ratio. This kind of smoke is very large and the flavor is slightly worse, and the throatiness is slightly weaker.

E-Cigarette Oil : Nicotine, Flavor, PG/CG, Additives E-Cigarette Oil : Nicotine, Flavor, PG/CG, Additives

3. The role of flavors and essences in cigarette oil is very important. It can be said to be the soul of cigarette oil. The flavor of smoke oil is determined by flavor. The combination of different flavors and flavors, the ratio of the number of decided on a flavor of smoke oil. The unique flavor of smoke oil, the flavor formula is also very complicated. There are some special flavors, such as “mint,” which also have a throat feel.

E-Cigarette Oil : Nicotine, Flavor, PG/CG, Additives E-Cigarette Oil : Nicotine, Flavor, PG/CG, Additives
4. The main effect of nicotine is to ease smoking and produce a throat sensation. And there is a certain role to enhance the taste of smoke oil. Some people talk about “Nicotine discoloration,” and think nicotine is highly toxic. In fact, the smoke oil contains nicotine solution and the concentration is not high. It is believed that nicotine in cigarettes does not cause much harm. The real carcinogen killer is tar, and more than 4,000 toxic, harmful and even radioactive substances produced by the combustion of carbon monoxide and cigarettes.

Of course, the harm of nicotine to the body can not be ignored. Therefore, it is best to gradually reduce the nicotine concentration of smoke oil, early withdrawal from nicotine dependence. The concentration of nicotine in cigarette oil is usually 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg. The higher the number, the higher the concentration of nicotine per milliliter of smoked oil and the stronger the throat sensation. Of course, the entrance is more rampant. Concentrations that are too high can cough and can cause stomachache and dizziness. So if you use the e-cigarette, if the phenomenon mentioned above occurs, replace the low-nicotine smoke oil. Most people use 6mg of cigarette oil to feel the best and can meet their needs.

E-Cigarette Oil : Nicotine, Flavor, PG/CG, Additives

5. Additives include sweeteners, sour agents, throat cleaners, deionized water (distilled water), etc. The main role is to improve the taste of smoke oil, make up for the lack of flavor. For example, some flavors of cigarette oil are slightly bitter and sour, and sweeteners can be added to improve the taste. The role of deionized water is mainly used to dilute the VG. Some smoke oils are PG-free, and VG is very viscous, which can lead to poor oil delivery in some oil atomizers. In order to maintain the ratio of pure VG, deionized water was added to dilute the VG to improve fluidity. Pure water, mineral water, and ordinary tap water are prohibited from being added to the smoke oil. Because these waters contain ions, and the ions are conductive, if you add smoke oil and then add to the atomizer, a short circuit will occur and the device will not work. Deionized water and distilled water are not conductive.

Through the above explanation, I believe that everyone has already understood the basic ingredients of cigarette oil. Produced by the regular manufacturers qualified smoke oil said food-grade raw materials, very health and safety.

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E-Cigarette Oil : Nicotine, Flavor, PG/CG, AdditivesE-Cigarette Oil : Nicotine, Flavor, PG/CG, Additives