High Concentrated Grape Flavor, Grape E-Liquid/ Vape Juice

High Concentrated Grape Flavor, Grape E-Liquid/ Vape Juice. In the summer we will have a lot of fruit that can’t be eaten. Amy likes watermelon and grapes most. Not only because the grapes taste sweet and juicy, but also because the grapes have high nutrients and can be used for beauty.


First, the nutrients of the Grapes:

(High Concentrated Grape Flavor, Grape E-Liquid/ Vape Juice)

grape flavor

Second, the efficacy and role of different types of Grapes:

(High Concentrated Grape Flavor, Grape E-Liquid/ Vape Juice)
1. Purple grapes can prevent aging
Efficacy: Purple grapes are rich in anthocyanins and flavonoids, powerful antioxidants, and have a good effect on the free radicals in our body.
Role: It plays a significant role in the prevention of aging, not only can reduce the occurrence of wrinkles on the skin, but also can alleviate the deterioration of vision in the elderly.

2. Black grapes (black) can relieve fatigue
Efficacy: The content of potassium, magnesium, calcium and other minerals in black grapes is higher than that of other colors. Most of these mineral ions exist in the form of organic acid salts, which play an important role in maintaining the body’s ion balance.
Function: It can effectively resist fatigue. Regular consumption of black grapes is beneficial to the human body’s neurasthenia and excessive fatigue.

Grape Flavor Concentrated Fruit Flavour

3. Red grapes (red) can soften blood vessels
Efficacy: Red grapes contain reverse enzymes, which can protect the heart, soften blood vessels, promote blood circulation and prevent thrombosis.
Role: It is good for preventing cardiovascular disease and stroke. Cardiovascular patients should eat more.

4. White and green grapes can nourish the lungs
Efficacy: white and green grapes are also called colorless grapes. White grapes can supplement lungs and have lung function.
Role: Suitable for people with cough, respiratory diseases and poor skin tone.

Third, the introduction of Grape Flavor:

(High Concentrated Grape Flavor, Grape E-Liquid/ Vape Juice)
Xi’an Taima specializes in the production of high concentrated grape flavor and pure nicotine liquid.
Level: USP Grade
Purity: 100%
Low MOQ: 125ml
Shelf Life: 2 years if properly stored
Sample Size: 125ml
Customary Packing: 125ml, 500ml, 1Liter, 5Liters (can pack according to customers’ request)
Storage Conditions: Appropriate Temperature; Protected from Light.
Mix Ratio: 5%-8% in PG/VG (You also can add it according to your own taste, at 8%-10%, 10%-12%, etc.

Grape Juice

Fourth, Grape Flavor E-Liquid/ Vape Juice:

(High Concentrated Grape Flavor, Grape E-Liquid/ Vape Juice)
Purple Duck E-Liquid/ Vape Juice, Yafu Rosa E-Liquid/ Vape Juice (Extreme Grape), Fanta Grape E-Liquid/ Vape Juice, Red Wine Ice Cigarette Oil, Mei Ninda Grape E-Liquid/ Vape Juice, OMEGA Cantaloupe Grape Flavor …….

Fifth, the method of buying Grape Flavor:

(High Concentrated Grape Flavor, Grape E-Liquid/ Vape Juice)
Leave message and we send you our updated flavor list.
2. Select which flavors you like.
3. We send you a proforma invoice.
4. Payment by Paypal, Western Union, T/T.
5. We ship the order and send you tracking number.

Xi’an Taima has more than 500 flavors of flavor, waiting for your test and use. We support free test samples and give you the best prices and discounts based on your order quantity. Contact: Amy,  E-mail: amy@taimacn.com,  Skype: xiantaimatop6,  WhatsApp: +86 15091808067.

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