E-cigarette era: 1000mg/ml Pure Nicotine and Concentrated Flavors Liquid

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With the development of e-cigarettes, cigarette oil has become a must for the majority of players. Why is electronic cigarette so popular? How to choose high quality concentrated essence and pure nicotine liquid?

1. Steam smoke is increasing

According to the latest statistics from the World Health Organization, since 2000, the number of smokers in the world has been small but steadily declining, from the then 1.14 billion to the current 1.1 billion. However, the steam smoke situation is completely different.1000mg/ml Pure Nicotine and Concentrated Flavors Liquid.

Number of adults using steam smoke products worldwide (million)

The number of steam smoke users is increasing rapidly, from about 7 million in 2011 to 35 million in 2016. The Orie International Market Research Group estimates that the number of adults using steam smoke will reach 55 million by 2021.

2. The cost of people spending on e-cigarettes is gradually increasing

With the increase in the number of people smoking steam, the electronic cigarette market is expanding. The global steam product market is currently estimated to be worth $22.6 billion (£17.1 billion), up from $4.2 billion five years ago.1000mg/ml Pure Nicotine and Concentrated Flavors Liquid.

The United States, Japan and the United Kingdom are the largest steam smoke markets. In 2016, three countries spent a total of US$163 billion on smokeless tobacco and steam smoke products.

3. Top 10 markets for steam smoke products
2016 Market Size of Smokeless Tobacco and Steam Smoke Products (Millions of U.S. Dollars)

European countries such as Sweden, Italy, Norway and Germany also rank among the top 10.1000mg/ml Pure Nicotine and Concentrated Flavors Liquid.

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4. Why do people smoke steam smoke?

Among the countries surveyed by Ernst & Young, the most common reason for using e-cigarettes is that they are “less harmful than ordinary cigarettes.” About 49% of the average user, said use of electronic cigarettes to help them.

A recent report on steam smoke from the Department of Public Health in the UK highlighted evidence that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than regular cigarettes, and so far there is no evidence that electronic cigarettes may encourage young people to smoke. The agency also recommends the use of e-cigarettes based on prescriptions as they help people to help tobacco smoking and help stop smoking.

E-cigarette era: 1000mg/ml Pure Nicotine and Concentrated Flavors Liquid.

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E-cigarette era: 1000mg/ml Pure Nicotine and Concentrated Flavors Liquid.